The Earth is run by the MCs, MegaCorporations, Mars by corrupt terraformer barons in the pockets of bandit kings. The only place a man can be free is slap bang in the middle: Tortuga Station..

Free from the strict laws of Earth and protected from the lawless anarchy of Mars, Tortuga is home to the most famous casinos, hotels, and entertainment centers in the galaxy. If you’re looking to score opes, women, or a couple of weeks kicking back in a virt, this is the place for you. Suffice to say, without the eyes of the MCs peering from every camera (or at least officially), a lot of folks looking to escape bad situations on Terra eventually find their way here. And that’s where you come in.

As Skiptracers, your job is to hunt down those who’ve skipped out on their lives. Might be they’re wanted fugitives. Might be they owe some serious people a whole deck o’ creds. Might be they’re just looking to end their lifelong contract with an MC sooner than they’re supposed to, by which I mean before they’re pushing up the daisies.

Sometimes it just takes a friendly word to someone in the know. Sometimes it takes the invisible hand of an expert decker cracking a passenger manifest. Sometimes it takes a lot of people getting themselves shot. But no matter who you are, no matter where you go, Skiptracers is gonna find you. Or your money back.

Skiptracers: A Shadowrun Story