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Welcome to Skiptracers!

We love roleplaying games. Playing them, reading about them, listening to other people playing them, it’s all gravy.

So we thought to ourselves, why not share that love and start our own podcast with an entirely new group of players starting their adventures in a strange new world?

The Setting

Shadowrun is one of the most famous RPG settings out there, mixing the familiar fantasy tropes of magic, elves and dwarves with hard sci-fi and cyberpunk elements to create a truly unique world.

Our game takes place in the future of the established Shadowrun setting, transporting the action onto a bustling space station full of organised crime, gambling and shady dealings. Our players play prospective Skiptracers, the station’s resident bounty hunters, newbies testing their mettle and trying to prove themselves on their first mission.

Essential Links

To get you started, we’ve organised our wiki into groups.


Main Page

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